Our Core Values

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Our Core Values

Growth & Innovation

  • We strive to reach goals, dare to be unique, challenge ourselves to evolve and exceed community expectations.

  • We challenge the status quo and continually improve the way we do things. We strive to grow as individuals and as a team.

  • We seek, share and develop innovative ideas with our colleagues, through education, the wider community, inspirational people, reading and more importantly from our life experience. Like the hungry caterpillar we gobble up all this knowledge and we transform … our butterfly moments!

  • We learn by doing. Our belief in ourselves and the people around us, gives us strength to try new things. We support each other on this journey together. With determination, flexibility and creativity, we resolve the biggest obstacles.

  • We acknowledge the challenges between growing our people and growing our centres. The more successful our centre, the greater the capacity the business has to support us to grow and innovate.

“You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.” (Dr Seuss)

Authentic Integrity

  • Being true and honest by saying what you’re doing and doing what you’re saying.

  • Integrity is at the heart of everything we do, without integrity, trust is broken and our relationships fail.

  • We are open and honest with ourselves, and in our dealings with others. We take pride in doing what we say we will do. This creates trust and confidence in and between us. If we can’t do what we say we will do, even with the best intentions, we make sure we let people know and work through a solution together.

  • We understand that living with integrity requires: taking responsibility, reflection, constructive communication, common courtesy and respecting others. There is no place for destructive gossiping, we actively stand up to it and stamp it out as soon as it arises.

  • Our integrity creates trust; trust is critical to love and is at the heart everything we do in building a better world for the children and ourselves.

“I meant what I said and said what I meant.” (Dr Seuss)


  • Own it, actively participate and be proud of the outcome.

  • Ownership is taking personal responsibility for what we do, being proactive, making decisions and taking pride in our work. We believe there is only one failure, the failure to act.

  • Ownership is setting our individual and team goals, and identifying steps to achieve them. We measure and monitor our actions to improve what we do.

  • In ownership there is no place for blame, excuses or denial; these get in the way of us achieving our personal and team goals.

  • Taking action with the support and feedback of the team means we all grow and learn. It takes passion and courage to own what you do; and when we do, we inspire others to do the same.

“… you’ll move mountains!” (Dr Seuss)


  • We value each other, children, families, the environment and the wider community.

  • Respecting ourselves is at the heart of respecting others (educators, families, children and the wider community). By respecting and loving ourselves, we teach others to treat us the same.

  • Respect is a two way street, we are more likely to be shown respect if we show it first. Listening and valuing the opinion of others, even when we don’t agree with them, is the heart of respect. We demonstrate this by ensuring people feel heard and understood.

  • Respect is about treating each other equally as we would want to be treated ourselves.

  • The more we listen and understand different viewpoints, the more knowledge we gain, which often gives us new options to consider. We believe you only get what you give. By showing respect, we are role models for our colleagues, the children, families and the broader community.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.”(Dr Seuss)


  • Creating a sense of enjoyment through positive experiences.

  • We value fun. We take every opportunity to create fun in everyday activities, and in how we celebrate our successes and important events. We take fun seriously!

  • Fun energises us; it fuels our connection with each other. It allows us to deal with the pressures and challenges we face as individuals and as a team. We learn and develop faster when we are having fun.

“If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good.” (Dr Seuss)

Learning & Development

  • Enriching our communities by creating an inspired learning and development culture through the curiosity of what’s possible.

  • We have talents, skills and heaps of untapped potential. We know they are there even if we aren’t always aware of them. We have a thirst and hunger to learn and to unlock our potential and amaze ourselves with what we find!

  • We are curious learners, always seeking to learn better ways to do what we do and be who we want to be. We constantly challenge and stretch ourselves, which inspires others to do the same. Mistakes are inevitable, we learn from them and move on.

  • We value all forms of learning and development, as well as formal education leading to qualifications.

  • As a team our goal is to support everyone to unlock this potential. But this is a joint effort, you have to want to challenge and stretch yourself. This involves taking responsibility for what you need and want to learn, and communicating this with others on how you can be supported.

  • We will work with the community and educate them on the benefits of working with us to create learning experiences. We recognise that the community is a rich source of learning opportunities.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” (Dr Seuss)


  • Communication opens endless honest relationships, leading to insight, understanding and shared knowledge between educators, families and children.

  • We value our relationships with everybody we come into contact with. Our relationships are based on effective, open and honest communication.

  • We practice effective communication to better understand others or a situation. We also communicate own our thoughts, ideas and feelings so others understand us. It assists us to resolve our differences, build trust and respect; and create a work place where creative ideas, problem solving, affection, and caring can flourish.

  • It assists us to communicate even negative or difficult messages without creating conflict or destroying trust. Effective communication includes skills and ideas such as: nonverbal communication, attentive listening, the ability to manage stress in the moment, and the capacity to recognise and understand your own emotions and those of the person you’re communicating with.

  • Technology provides us with further opportunities to be more effective in our communication. We use it to support, not replace, our face-to-face communication with others. We will use the latest technology, if it adds value to what we do and how we do it.

  • Communication is one of weakest links in any organisation, no matter how good it is. To address this, we always ensure our communication is serving others and ourselves, and is continually improving.

“So, open your mouth … For every voice counts!” (Dr Seuss)


  • Together Everyone Achieves More.

  • We support each other when the going gets tough. When team members are not coping, feeling isolated or simply having a bad day, we give them our support, encouragement and sometimes a big hug.

  • We take the time to get to know each other well and we trust each other to do the right thing. We bring out the best in others through praise, recognition and appreciation. We consider the impact of our actions on others and build trusting relationships. We strive to resolve or seek support for resolving any unhealthy conflict in the team, for the mutual benefit of everyone. We seek to be masters at “zapping” people.

  • We share our ideas about more effective ways of working; show initiative when issues arise and take ownership to resolve them. We collaborate with other team members to come up with ideas and solutions together. We set goals together and always seek to understand what part we individually play in our team.

“People are weird. When we find someone with weirdness that is compatible with ours, we team up …” (Dr Seuss)


  • Passion inspires us to move forward to achieve GREATNESS

  • We are passionate about making a positive difference to our own lives and the lives of others.

  • Passion is that raw emotion that drives us, it is more than just enthusiasm or excitement; it engulfs our heart, mind, body and soul. When we have passion for what we do, great things are possible. Our passion becomes contagious; we spark passion in others unlocking their inner strength, we become more inspiring, determined and optimistic.

  • We are open to implementing new ideas and trying new things. We don’t accept “that will never work” as an answer. We support and encourage our selves and others to take action. This builds our excitement, self-confidence and focus. It is our passion that keeps us going.

“And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed (98 and ¾% guaranteed).” (Dr Seuss)