Corporate Governance & Policies


The Corporate Governance Statement of Think Childcare Group and its subsidiaries was approved by the Board of Directors of Think Childcare Limited on (TNK) 29 November 2019 and Think Childcare Development Limited (TND) on 2 December 2019.

The company has adopted the 4th Edition of the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations.

You can download each of the policy documents in PDF by clicking the links below:

Policies Index
1. Board Charter – Think Childcare Limited
2. Board Charter – Think Childcare Development Limited
3. TNK Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee Charter
4. TNK Human Resources & Remuneration Committee Charter
5. Group Corporate Governance Statement
6. Group Securities Trading Policy
7. Group Continuous Disclosure Policy
8. Group Code of Conduct
9. Group Anti-Bribery, Fraud and Corruption Policy
10. Group Diversity Policy
11. Group Securityholder Communications Policy
12. Group Privacy Policy
13. Group Whistleblower Policy

Workplace Gender Equality

Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (Act) - Annual Public Report

In accordance with the requirements of the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (Act) on 7th June 2019, Think Childcare Limited lodged its annual compliance report with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (Agency).

Click here for a copy of this report.