Think Child Care

Changing the world
one educator
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Think Childcare Limited is passionate about providing exceptional quality care and education for Australian children. We seek to provide a professional and nurturing “family” type environment that supports our children through their emotional, social and physical development. We also prepare our children for their transition to the school system through government approved Kindergarten programs, providing them with the foundational skills they need for school readiness.

We aspire to be the “Employer of Choice” in the Childcare sector in Australia. We work closely with our Educators to empower them in the classroom and believe that we operate in a vastly different manner to other childcare services.

Think Childcare Limited currently owns, manages and operates 78 long day childcare facilities in Australia for children between the ages of six weeks and six years old. Think Childcare Limited’s strategy is to acquire and integrate childcare centres identified on the basis of strict acquisition criteria and to optimize the performance of centres that it owns and manages to increase their profitability.

Our Guiding Principles

To foster a sense of belonging for children and families

To maintain a clean, safe and healthy environment for children

To ensure children are cared for, educated and respected

To promote and encourage confidence and life skills

To work in partnership with families

Company Philosophy

We believe that the role of an Early Childhood Educator is to provide child-oriented programs that meet the needs of all children as individuals. Through ongoing observation, developmental knowledge and family input our programs extend and challenge the children to build skills they will require for life.

Our environment is stimulating and welcoming. Children can make choices in regards to activities, resources and equipment. Since children learn through play, we provide hands on experiences that motivate learning and encourage exploration.

All children are treated equally regardless of gender, race, ability, religion, economic status or family structure. In fact, we promote similarities between people rather than differences. Educators’ guide and model respect and empathy for everyone.

Company Values

Our philosophy is simple, “Empowering our people leads to an empowered organisation”. Over the last two years we have worked with the entire organisation to develop our core values. These core values are extremely important to us. They define how we think, act and make decisions in every area of our business.

It drives us to select suppliers, educators and staff who are aligned with our core values, creating a cohesive and focused organisation. By employing only like-minded individuals, we can allow our staff and educators to make decisions independently which leads to a fulfilled, supportive and highly motivated workplace.